The nature of our work means there are some risks, these terms help us to minimize those risks and to make sure that we are operating under the same understanding as you. Our initial site visit will include a site specific H&S plan agreeing to the below, no pest removal work will be undertaken until we have agreed upon:

  1. A map outlining the boundaries of your property. This map should highlight any hazards and buildings on the property and will also be used to highlight “hotspots” of pest activity. It is your responsibility to ensure we are notified of any boundary changes or if there are parts of your property you do not want disturbed at certain times of the year (lambing etc).
  2. A clear list of the pest animals you would like removed including a list of any that you would like us to leave alone.
  3. Instructions on what you would like done with the carcasses – Options are (1) Left on the property to encourage hawks etc. (2) Disposed of in an offal pit if you have one. (3) Removed from the property altogether.
  4. Written and agreed notification to all surrounding neighbours that there is pest control shooting underway on your property, please give them our contact details in case of an emergency or if there are areas near the boundary they would like us to steer clear of. If the shooting area is contained inside a building we do not need this.
  5. Out of season game birds will only be controlled with the written permission of a local Fish & Game Officer as per their requirements. These permits must be applied for by the landowner with our details as the people undertaking the work and the reason why the game birds need to be culled. If the culling is during game bird season then there will be daily bag limits we will need to adhere to.
  6. Agreement on the type of tools and vehicles to be used.
  7. Agreement on start and finish times for the sessions for minimal staff/public disturbance.